Monday, December 27, 2010

It's Your Time: It's Your time to Live in Clarity

It's Your Time: It's Your time to Live in Clarity: "Today I am creating. I am living life to its fullest. I am expecting the unexpected. I am planning and thinking about the year ahead. I have..."

It's Your time to Live in Clarity

Today I am creating. I am living life to its fullest. I am expecting the unexpected. I am planning and thinking about the year ahead. I have dreams to be fulfilled and I believe if I can dream it I can achieve it. I have a vision and a passion to accomplish my dreams. I am thinking positively and I am anticipating that 2011 will be a very productive year for those who line themselves up for success...

I love life. I love freedom and love people. I to make the best of my own life and want to see others make the best of theirs. If I can help them and they will allow me I will not refuse. I know that I am unique in my thoughts and actions and you are too. That is the beauty of diversity. When creative minds get together, great things happen.

Come, let us unite and make twenty-eleven our best year ever. What have you got to lose? Nothing! What have you got to gain? You will to network with like-minded individuals, gain new friendships, exchange, knowledge, wisdom and have greater success. You are a part of a greater plan and you may discover things you never imagined you would discover. Do you realize that? Don’t be shy. Be bold and behold the vast universe and all that it has to offer.

Today is the day to make decisions as tomorrow is not promised. Generations will come after us. What legacy are you here to leave them. It is time to think, plan and move forward. Before you commit, be sure to have some clarity. Begin with the end in mind. Do not let fear hinder you. Today you must rise and shine as the year 2010 comes to a close.

Here are few things to consider. Get clarity about what you want to do and the reason you want to do it. Write your vision statement. What is it that you are here to do? Clarify you mission. Write that down also. Tell how are you going to accomplish your vision? Be clear about those two things. Come up with a plan to and take immediate action. At some point you will get stuck, but do not give up.

Stay focused and gets the help you need. Do not be afraid to ask. Get training resources that will enhance your personal growth and development, attend workshops, seminars and continuing education classes. As Kevin Bracey would say, “Bombard your brains with brilliance.”

Pauline Lewinson

Thursday, July 29, 2010


Hello, my name is Pauline Lewinson from Jamaica, West Indies. I live in Arizona with my husband, Royston and son, Dior. I have passion for working with people of all ethnicities and backgrounds, coaching them to live their best lives. My straightforward approach compels and inspires people to take responsibility and accountability for their own lives. I believe that honesty and truth to self, and others are gateways to living your best life.

I am a strong lover of, and believer in the Word of God. My true essence is to live by biblical principles, and to help others do the same. I believe every human being needs this. Once people embrace, and trust the principles of God, their creator, as a part of their daily lives they are bound to succeed in their endeavors. You are promised, grace, power, peace, strength,and fulfillment.

Obedience and surrender to the Father's will, help people to face the challenges of life with hope, and enter into prosperity of mind, body and soul. I seek wisdom, and with this wisdom, experience and training, I am able to share and assist others through teaching, inspirational speaking, coaching and mentoring. I focus on maintaining a holistic and balanced lifestyle.

I believe that every person should self-evaluate, self-discover, and propel to destiny, by erasing all the doubts and fears, releasing the baggage of the past, embracing the present with an attitude of gratitude, moving into action and staying focused.

I am the Author of The Power of Transformation, and Living in Clarity. These books are changing lives, and can be obtained from my website.
I look forward to connecting with you.